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How to Pack Fun into Unpacking


For many people, packing and unpacking rank amongst their least favorite tasks, especially when moving a whole household of possessions plus children and pets. Thankfully, by making some wise decisions and being organized from the start, the end process can actually be fun. The easiest way to minimize fuss and stress is to use a professional moving company for both packing and unpacking. This may sound like an extravagance but can be surprisingly affordable when you consider how much time you will invest in conquering these tasks yourself, so don’t write off the idea before asking for an estimate.

All Jersey Moving & Storage offers full and partial packing services and will even step in to finish the job if you become overwhelmed. We can unpack your boxes at your final destination and can also shelve and set up your possessions. Seeing your belongings arrive safely and your new residence liveable immediately is reassuring for people of all ages.  It also ensures that you won’t be too exhausted to try your new neighborhood’s pizzeria for dinner.

Boxes, markers, paper, tape are as basic as ABC, 123. You may associate these words with kindergarten but they’re essential tools for packing. Your kids can practice their artistic skills by sketching the contents of a box. Marking boxes with a particular color for each room is a fun project that also teaches organizational skills. Numbering those boxes in order of importance helps with inventory and allows you to involve your children in the move. Checking that all 10 orange boxes get offloaded in the correct room is an enjoyable activity at the other end. Of course, All Jersey Moving and Storage guarantees that they’ll all be there intact!  

As a green company in an industry known for using a lot of consumables, at All Jersey Moving & Storage we try to use as much recyclable material as possible. At the same time, we understand that for kids, moving materials like bubble wrap can be lots of fun. We also know that Styrofoam peanuts make great snow storms, but we’ve stopped using the non-biodegradable ones.

All Jersey Moving & Storage specializes in expedited service on short and long distance moves within a 500-mile radius, up and down the East Coast. We also execute longer distance moves from New Jersey across the country to Florida, California, Texas and beyond.  We know our routes thoroughly and can provide you with landmarks along the way so you know exactly where we’re headed. This is another activity that can involve and distract your kids – they can play I Spy en route. It’s also an ideal opportunity to teach them to read maps the old fashioned way. Make photocopies and give them colored markers so they can track your progress.

Buy some fridge magnets from the city or state you’re leaving, put aside some money to buy others when you make a refreshment stop and promise to buy magnets in your new destination. When it comes to moves within a 500-mile radius, we cater to customers who want direct service as opposed to the 2 to 18 day delivery window common with most major van lines. That means your fridge will be up and running and ready to display your new mementoes (and to house The World’s Best Chocolate Cake from the bakery down the road from your new home).

Finally, remember that a change can be a big adventure. With your home set up just the way you want it, you’ll be free to explore your new surroundings. Have fun!

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