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How Much Do I Tip the Movers?

Hiring a moving company is an investment (a worthwhile investment, but an investment nonetheless). Whether you're moving to a new home or office, to a new state or just around the block, you may be wondering if you need to tip the movers and, if so, how much? At All Jersey Moving & Storage, tipping etiquette is a popular inquiry. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to determine whether or not to tip your mover, and how much!

Were you satisfied?

Tipping your movers isn't mandatory, but many customers tip movers when their expectations are met or surpassed. If you don't feel that you received good service (for instance, if your movers were impolite, arrived hours late or caused damage to your belongings), then don't feel obligated to tip. Acknowledge movers who do their job right and provide good service by giving them a hard-earned tip.

Did they have to work in difficult conditions?

When your movers have to work in difficult conditions, tip them accordingly. Did your movers have to carry out the move in dirty working conditions, such as a filthy basement or dusty old attic? Did they arrive on time and complete your move despite extreme weather conditions, such as a snowstorm, downpour or heat wave? Did your movers have to play referee between you and your roommate or spouse? In cases where your movers coped with these sorts of conditions, tipping is always appreciated.

Were you adequately prepared for your move?

Unless you have hired your movers to assist you with the packing process, it's your job to be packed and ready to go when your movers arrive according to schedule. Are you ill prepared for your move? Professional movers often walk into a mess and encounter customers who expect them to jump on board the clean-up crew. Keep in mind that if your movers do help out, they have gone above the call of duty and appreciate being shown appreciation for their efforts.

Did your movers have to go beyond the call of duty?

If your movers have to work especially hard to complete your move, consider providing them with a tip that reflects their efforts. Did your movers had to move up and down multiple flights of stairs? Did they have to move unusually large, heavy or awkward-to-handle furniture? Did your movers accommodate your last-minute move? If the answer is yes, do your best to thank your movers and give them a tip.

All in all, ask yourself if your movers provided you with good service. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we advise that 8% is an average tip if the movers meet your expectations. Our movers work hard so they appreciate a tip, but they don't expect one. We believe that customers should feel that their movers did a great job and be satisfied with the quality of service they received before reaching into their pockets.

Try your best to help your movers do their job by being prepared and as organized as possible when they arrive. Movers also genuinely appreciate "the little things," like being offered cold drinks or a cup of coffee depending on the weather and time of day. It's also appreciated when you offer your movers something they can snack on during their lunch break or while they're on the go. Even making sure your home or office is properly air conditioned (or heated, in the cold winter months) can make all the difference to your movers.

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