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How to Make Your Long Distance Move A Little Easier

Whether you're moving down the block or across the country, moving is a pain. But long distance moves can be especially painful. Leaving your friends, community, job and familiar surroundings is difficult, not to mention the additional logistic coordination that is often necessary for a long-distance move. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your long-distance move a little easier.

Long Distance moving tip #1: Invest in a Professional Moving Company

Moving to another city or state is stressful enough. Avoid adding to the burden of a move by securing a moving company with experience executing long distance moves. Professional movers have the specialized equipment, skill and experience necessary to ensure that your move is organized and carried out on schedule. Most importantly, you want your valued items and furniture to reach their destination in the same condition they left your old home or apartment in.

A DIY move or hiring inexperienced movers too often results in lost items or damage to your furniture, flooring, walls or stairs. Choosing an affordable, professional moving company with great consumer reviews will ultimately be the most economical choice in the long run...and will give you some much-needed peace of mind.

Long Distance moving tip #2: Do Your Research

Nobody wants to spend hard-earned money and be disappointed with the services they receive. To avoid disappointment and ensure that you get the best service at a competitive rate, do your research. Ask friends and family which moving company they have used (and been happy with!) in the past.

Get quotes from the top moving companies recommended to you. While speaking to the moving company's representative, ask if you can speak with consumers who have used their movers in the past for long-distance moves. Of course, you can also do a general online search to see what previous consumers have to say about their long-distance moving experiences with the company. These background checks often pay off, so invest the time to make sure you and your belonging are in good hands.

Long Distance moving tip #3: Book in Advance

Don't wait until the week before moving day to secure the local moving company of your choice. Although you could get lucky, the safest best is to book several weeks in advance to ensure you get your top pick. Top moving companies with long-distance moving experience should be able to offer you packing tips and other useful advice on how to prepare for your move in advance, making moving week less frantic and stressful.

Long Distance moving tip #4: Start Packing Early

One of the reasons why moving is so stressful for people is that they underestimate how long it takes to pack up all their belongings! You spend years accumulating things, so don't assume you can pack it all up in a day or two! Another thing to remember is that long-distance moves can be long and bumpy journeys. As experienced and careful as your professional movers are, your items can get damaged if they aren't properly packaged or misplaced if they aren't clearly labelled. All Jersey Moving and Storage offers excellent packing tips as well as advice on when to get started on certain tasks to ensure that you're ready for moving day. If you select a reputable moving company, you can trust that they will take care of wrapping and padding your furniture and other antiques to ensure safe delivery.

Long Distance moving tip #5: Protect Yourself from Legal Action..and Protect Your Stuff!

If you're planning to move with the help of friends and family to save money, be cautious. Remember that by doing so, you run the risk of being sued should one of them get injured and decide to pursue legal action. A slip or fall under your watch can cost you dearly if you're not insured. It's not a risk worth taking. Professional moving companies like All Jersey Movers and Storage insure their workers, protecting you from an expensive lawsuit should one of them get hurt during your move. This will give you peace of mind that you won't be responsible for any injuries sustained by movers on the job.

Of course, also inquire as to what coverage your moving company offers for any furniture or other items that are accidentally damaged or misplaced during your long distance move!

So, there you have it. Your long distance move doesn't have to be as painful or stressful as you think if you plan ahead and use an experienced local moving company with a stellar reputation. Dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families relocate to new homes in different cities or states, All Jersey Moving and Storage has decades of long distance moving. Based in New Jersey, their experienced movers service a 500-mile radius up and down the East Coast, including all points between Maine and the Carolina's. Contact a representative today for a free estimate.

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