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Five Ways to Survive your Office Move

Whether your business has five or 500 employees, your goals when moving are the same: To get up and running so you continue to bring in revenue and keep your customers happy; find your equipment, documents and supplies as quickly as possible; and minimize stress on yourself and your employees. There are many factors that differentiate a commercial move from a residential one so it’s crucial to have a detailed game plan and get some expert advice.

The most important decision you’ll make is your choice of movers.

You should obtain at least three quotes and keep in mind that the majority of moving companies primarily handle residential moves, with the occasional office move. All Jersey Moving & Storage has completed hundreds of commercial moves. We have expert knowledge of many local office buildings and their policies and requirements. We also provide free, convenient on-site quotes, ensuring there are no “hidden surprises” after an estimate is given.

Office furniture is hard to move.

Office furniture and storage units are usually large and heavy, making them hard to handle and manoeuvre, especially through doors and on stairways. Moving them yourself could result in physical injuries, and incur penalties from landlords if floors and walls are damaged.  Professional movers like All Jersey have the right equipment, skilled personnel and specialized items like door jamb protectors to ensure that you, the owners of your old premises and the landlords at your new destination are satisfied.

Movers must have Insurance to work in office buildings

Did you know that most office buildings require movers to provide a certificate of insurance prior to moving day? All Jersey Moving & Storage carries the increased limits which they demand. Also, are you aware that certain types of equipment like computers and copiers require special servicing by their vendors prior to the move? If they’re leased and the vendors aren’t notified, it could result in voided warranties. We have many more tips gleaned from our decades in business and supply detailed checklists to our clients to ensure a hassle-free move.

Label Everything

If you’re disassembling office furniture and cubicles yourself, remember to label all components of an item with the same number to avoid the annoyance of searching a whole floor for missing pieces. The same amount of care should be taken with the smallest items like the shelf pins of bookcases, which must be packed in an envelope or Ziploc bag, labeled well and stored securely. Losing tiny things can result in big headaches and reduced office productivity.

Cost/Benefit for using Staff Members

Do a cost/benefit analysis to ensure that it’s efficient and cheaper to use staff members like project managers or administrative assistants to plan and execute a business move. Don’t forget to include peace of mind in your calculations. Professional movers are experts at implementing labeling and tagging systems and reconfiguring office or store setups. All Jersey Moving & Storage has the experience and resources to deal with last minute changes and challenges, which might faze someone who isn't accustomed to undertaking moves. In addition, we’re happy to accommodate after-hours and weekend relocations which can often work out to be cheaper for you. You are the experts in your business, we are the experts in ours. Let All Jersey Moving & Storage make your office move a seamless, stress-free success.

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