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Five Ways to Save on your Move

Moving is one of those things that many people assume they can do themselves. They’re spending a lot of money on a new house, after all, or on flights to another city, so decide to cut corners on the move. They’ll get moving boxes from the supermarket, wrap their tableware in old newspapers, recruit their friends to carry the boxes and borrow someone’s SUV or minivan.

Are you tempted to go the "do it yourself move" route? If you think about it carefully, you'll realize that you’re moving your most precious, expensive or sentimental belongings. Therefore, it's in your best interest to protect them in the safest way possible – properly wrapped or padded, carried by professional movers who are used to heavy loads and packed carefully into a moving truck. Take into account the cost of physical injuries incurred, misplaced items and damage to your former or new premises when attempting a do-it-yourself move.

There are other ways to save money on a move, however

Competitive Moving Quotes

Obtain at least three moving quotes from movers. Almost all moving companies charge time and travel for local moves, and weight and zip codes for long distance moves. Remember, however, that the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best. A reputable moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage always supplies an itemized inventory and a written moving estimate. We’re willing to stand behind our moving quotes so you’ll have no nasty or costly surprises.

Check on our website for money saving coupons too!

Professional Packing Services

Don’t assume that packing and unpacking services are a luxury. All Jersey Moving and Storage charges around $500 including labor and materials to pack a typical kitchen and dining room. Remember that those rooms contain most of your fragile possessions which should be properly protected. Also, work out what you earn per hour and whether it’s worth using up your vacation days to pack. Remember that as professionals, All Jersey Moving will do it faster than you will, and with greater expertise!

Avoiding Hidden Fees

Choose a mover who doesn’t add extra fees for last minute moves. All Jersey Moving and Storage doesn’t penalize you and actually welcomes them. We pride ourselves on doing our utmost to provide a high level of service. We know that most people underestimate how long it will take them to sort and pack. As seasoned movers, we also understand that clients may need to reschedule jobs due to complications with mortgages, documentation, closings etc.

Proper Packaging

Don’t skimp on packaging materials. Breakages are expensive and high quality boxes cost much less than you think. Newspaper leaves smudges and gets your hands full of ink so it’s best to use proper packing paper on your china. Marble or large glass tops, chandeliers, ornate mirrors and other high value items require custom crating and it’s always best to use a professional mover to pack them. All Jersey Moving & Storage are experts at handling these and are the recommended professional piano movers for many tuners and refinishers in New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Insurance Coverage

Use insured movers. A reputable firm should have positive reviews and be endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. Remember to check your own insurance coverage. In some cases, it’s included in your homeowner policies. If not, we can provide it at an additional cost.

Remember, peace of mind is invaluable. Treat yourself to a smoother moving experience.