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Five Ways to Protect Your Valuables on Moving Day

You’re thrilled at the prospect of moving to another city or elated that you’ve finally bought the house of your dreams. So why is moving often cited as one of life’s most stressful events? The main contributing factor is anxiety about the state of your possessions when they reach your destination. How do you ensure that your grand piano, sound system and heirloom crystal goblets arrive intact? Here are 5 ways to protect your valuables and enjoy a hassle-free move.


1.     Use a reputable, professional, experienced moving company.

The Federal Motor Carrier Association, a government body which protects and advises consumers undertaking moves, cites this as your primary responsibility.

Look for:

●    The number of years the company has been operating.

●    Membership of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or a movers’ association.

●    Client testimonials.

✓    All Jersey Moving & Storage was established in 1992 and has been successfully executing short and long distance moves in New Jersey, across the East Coast and beyond since that time. 

✓    All Jersey has an A+ rating from the BBB and is one of only 15 moving companies in New Jersey to earn the “Circle of Excellence” designation from the New Jersey Warehouseman and Movers Association. 

✓    Clients rave about our professionalism, expert handling and trustworthiness.


2.     Get specialized equipment to handle large items like pianos and hutches.

Moving pianos requires certain dollies and tie-down systems in trucks. At 450 lbs. or more, they can cause serious injuries to the people transporting them but are also delicate and need to be handled with care. Their size and odd shape makes them difficult to maneuver which can result in damage to entrance ways or walls.  If you’re unable to afford a professional company to undertake the whole move, it’s essential to hire one to pack and transport your bulky and expensive possessions. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, our employees are fully trained and the experts in transporting pianos.


3.     Take smaller valuables yourself.

Your diamond necklace, furs and collectibles should be covered by your homeowners’ insurance. Together with particularly important documents, many homeowners prefer to transport these items themselves. In most cases, if not all, the coverage provided by moving companies don’t cover these type of high value items.


4.     Pack china and glassware carefully and don’t leave space in boxes.

For china dishes, consider using dish barrel boxes, which are double walled for protection. Wrap each piece individually, stand them sideways, put foam peanuts in gaps and cushion the top and bottom of the container. Use bubble wrap for glasses and secure the packaging with tape. If all that material and all those steps seem overwhelming, a professional moving company like All Jersey Movers can handle the job quickly and expertly.


5.     Have an oil painting? Let it breathe.

Use a special soft packaging material which protects the art while allowing it to breathe. Use bubble wrap as a secondary layer only as the bubbles can burst and leave indents on the painting. If the artwork is covered by glass, make an X with tape on the glass, which prevents it from shattering.


At All Jersey Moving and Storage, we have the expertise to protect all your cherished possessions. Remember - peace of mind is priceless. Contact our moving experts today for a free estimate.