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Five Benefits of Moving to the Southern U.S.


You’ve grown tired of the long, cold winters and icy sidewalks in the northern United States. Or maybe you’ve been offered the opportunity to open a branch of your company down south. Moving to a faraway location and changing your lifestyle can be exciting, but with a long trek there’s the risk of your belongings arriving after you do.

In order to ensure that your first impressions and memories are positive, you should plan as far ahead as possible and research your new home – and your moving company – very carefully. It’s best to use recommended movers with in-depth knowledge of the place of departure and destination and the route in between.

All Jersey Movers & Storage is an award winning company based in New Jersey, with service as warm and friendly as any you’ll find in the south. We are agents for National Van Lines for long distance moves to the south-central and southeastern United States. Both companies have been family owned for several generations and provide personal attention and experienced staff to ensure your long distance move goes smoothly.

There are many benefits of moving to the southern U.S. that you can start enjoying as soon as your bags are unpacked. Here are 5 of them:

  1. Southern Hospitality Don’t be surprised if you’re inundated with friendly neighbors and peach pies upon arrival. Southerners are renowned for their graciousness and warmth, making settling in much easier. With All Jersey Moving & Storage’s expertise, your heirloom china will arrive intact, making it possible to reciprocate whenever you want to. We also specialize in shipping fine art and moving pianos, which will ensure that your new home is as attractive as those surrounding you. Be sure to pack some suitable chairs too so you can participate in porch sitting while watching the world go by.
  2. Mild Subtropical Winters Being able to spend time and to exercise outdoors plus having exposure to sunshine benefits you physically and mentally. The multitude of beaches and golf courses in states like Florida and South Carolina makes it more likely that you’ll do so.
  3. Great Places to Do Business or Work The southern states have a reputation for being laid back but in reality are home to some of the best rated locations for a business or career. In 2015, Charlotte, Asheville and Raleigh, all in North Carolina, appeared high in the rankings, with Atlanta, Georgia, at no. 5 on the list. If you’re starting a new job or setting up a new business in the south, you’ll need to acclimatize quickly. Consider using All Jersey Moving & Storage’s packing and unpacking assistance and commercial moving services to minimize stress and ensure that you’re up and running as soon as possible.
  4. Delicious Food You’ll be able to enjoy genuine biscuits, barbecue and collard greens, as well as fresh local produce year round. There are also regional specialties to sample like Creole cuisine in Louisiana, which offers gumbo (similar to paella), muffuletta sandwiches and beignet donuts. Wash down the south’s spicy food with sweet tea and mint juleps.
  5. Rich History European explorers first made landfall in what is now the southern US. St. Augustine in Florida was founded by the Spaniards in 1565 and is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the States. The French claimed ground in what is now Jacksonville, Florida, in 1564 and the English first landed in Raleigh, NC, in 1584. Plantations for the cultivation of cotton and tobacco were established in the fertile region and several examples of the unique architecture of their homes have survived. In addition, Charleston in South Carolina boasts numerous gracious historical houses and gardens. The Gullah people, inhabiting the Sea Islands of Georgia, are descendants of slaves imported from Africa in the 1700s and still retain many distinctive characteristics. Five of the last nine US presidents hail from the south.

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