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Feng Shui and Moving: Bringing Luck to a New House

Whether it be for work, family, or other life circumstances, you may find yourself moving to a new city or state, and of course, a new home. If you follow the correct steps, moving can be an opportunity to bring good luck and positive energy into your life. It can be an exciting and even transformational experience. You can leave the old behind, ridding yourself of emotional baggage and bad energy along with the clutter and possessions you no longer need.

You may have lacked productive energy in your old house, but your new home can be planned strategically to produce positive chi or energy. This is essentially what feng shui is. By learning and using the practices of feng shui, you can bring fortune to your move and your new home. These practices may also contribute to a healthier well-being and a more organized home.

What is Feng Shui?

“Feng” translates to wind and “shui” means water. These elements are often associated with good health, and therefore good fortune. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses energy to harmonize individuals with their surroundings. A key aspect is yin and yang, or balance.

Feng shui is often taken into account in interior design, decorating, and even the process of designing a building. Here at All Jersey Moving & Storage, we highly value the environment that you can create with a favorable, thought-out move. We offer our clients packing and unpacking services, enabling you to focus on bringing a positive energy into your new environment. This is what feng shui is all about. There are many practices involved that contribute to a more favorable move and fresh new start. Over the course of our decades helping individuals and families move, we’ve learned about many core feng shui practices that many people use and rely on to help ensure a successful move.

Selecting an Auspicious Feng Shui Moving Date

An opportune move begins with choosing the best possible moving date. In feng shui practice, this includes using the Chinese Almanac and the birth dates of family members to pick the best date in your life cycle. You can select a Chinese Almanac date that is said to be favorable, and use a senior family member’s birth data to guide you.

Moving at the right time will contribute to better energy and a higher chance of success during your move. It’s a matter of aligning your fresh start with the naturally optimal time periods in your year.

Once you have identified your optimal moving date, we recommend booking your move as early as possible. Ideally, aim to secure your moving date at least a month in advance, especially for long distance moves. However, at All Jersey Moving & Storage, we do our utmost to accommodate last-minute moving requests and weekend moving requests.

Clearing Out Your Home – Out with the Old, In with the New

Before you move, an important feng shui practice requires that you clear out unnecessary and negative items. Sort through your belongings thoughtfully and make the conscious decision to get rid of the clutter. Keep only what provokes positive, happy thoughts. This practice will empower you to enter your new house with items that help create a positive atmosphere. You’re also feel lighter and more at ease knowing that you’ve rid yourself of unnecessary possessions.

Even leaving old mops and brooms behind is an important factor in feng shui. It is said that your dirty, used mops and brooms are synonymous with the problems you would like to leave behind. Throw them away and purchase new brooms for your house to ensure a fresh, problem-free start.

In addition to leaving the old behind, it’s important to organize the items you intend to keep so that when you move into your new space, you’ll have a clear and proper system. Starting a home with a system of organization ushers in stability.

Feng Shui Rituals for Moving into a New House

  • Clear out any items that may have been left behind by past residents and clean the house thoroughly. Ventilate the house too! Most moving families and individuals who take these measures aren’t aware that they are recommended feng shui practices that create a fresh, positive energy in a new home. Just as you don’t want to bring your problems into the new house, you also want to clear the house of problems and bad energy from past tenants.
  • Enter your new house with a bag of white rice with two red pockets. The saying goes that this will bring you wealth in your new location. Make sure that the bag is full to the brim, just as you hope your wallet will be.
  • The first item in the home should be a welcoming gift for the house itself, such as a fruit basket or decorative item that you love. This gesture infuses the home with joy and helps encourage a positive new beginning.
  • Ensure that every family member enters the premises with an auspicious item. Gold, fruit, or other similar items that represents good fortune are recommended. Rather than lugging in heavy furniture or box cutters, the first items in your home should be symbols for fortune in your future.
  • Turn on the faucet, boil a pot of water on the stove, turn on the heat, turn on the lights, and use any other appliances or utilities. Doing so clearly demonstrates that you are entering a new home with functioning mechanisms that will serve you in the future.
  • Bake your favorite, scrumptious dessert to invite a comforting, warm energy inside. Enjoying this delightful treat on your first day symbolizes nourishment and brings joy.
  • Make the kitchen your own by brewing herbal tea and displaying fruit.
  • Use the front door to your advantage. Select a strong front door with a positive color. This main entrance of your home should be used to attract positive feng shui energy. When you walk in, make sure that you don’t walk into a wall. This symbolizes walking into walls in life. Add a mirror or patterned rug.
  • Use a feng shui energy map to solicit specific fortunes. Place water features in the north area of your home if you want fortune in your career. For health, set plants in the east.

Feng Shui Moving Don’ts

Don’t fight or bicker on your moving day. Although it may be stressful, quarreling can contribute to a negative, inharmonious start. Hiring professional movers are the perfect solution to this problem, as you’ll be much less stressed knowing that experts are taking care of you. In chaotic, disorganized DIY moves or moves with inexperienced movers, bickering usually starts when you can’t find your things because they were placed in the wrong spot or simply can’t be found at all. Expert moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage have efficient, smooth moving processes; they ensure your possessions are safely transported and placed securely where they belong. 

Don’t take a nap. As tired as you may be from a long day of moving, a nap is a symbol of laziness, a quality you likely don’t want to be part of life in your new home. Being organized and positive can help you ward off tired energy. Professional movers like All Jersey Moving & Storage can also lighten your load, making your move far less stressful and physically exhausting.

Don’t invite guests on moving day. Your moving day should be reserved for immediate family members. It’s a special time for your family, and inviting guests may take away from the focused, positive energy you’re trying to cultivate. A housewarming party can be held later. As a full service moving company, All Jersey Moving & Storage naturally limits the number of hands involved in your move. You can rely on one skilled team to pack and unpack your possessions, removing the need for friends and family to chip in on moving day.

Don’t have a negative attitude. Thinking positively and refraining from sad or negative thoughts will attract positive energy and bear good fortune for a successful move and fresh start in your new home.

Feng Shui Moving Do’s

Do set up your bedroom first. The bed should be the first thing set up, as a defined bed space brings luck. Setting up your bed allows for rest, and therefore symbolizes the strength and energy you need. The Spruce has tips for a feng shui bedroom, such as leaving electronics out of the bedroom, using a skin-toned color theme, and decorating with positive art.

Do put things in the right place. Having a proper home or place for your things is another essential feng shui practice, so make sure to put things in the right place. This is actually one of the most crucial parts of feng shui and is why it’s used so often in interior design. Place your things carefully and thoughtfully. Fend Shui is about creating harmony. Feng shui compasses and consultants are available to help you strategically place your things for optimal outcomes.

Do display items with meaning. Your home is your space to decorate and live in as you wish. Display items that speak to your soul and make you feel happy. This adds an ever-increasing energy to your home.

Do keep the house clutter-free. Having cleared your previous home of clutter, move into your new home with the same rule in mind.

Do use naturally positive items. Place flowers throughout the house, light candles, open up the windows, and let in the natural light.

Creating Feng Shui Balance in Your Home

As we mentioned earlier, positive feng shui requires balance. The five elements — fire, water, earth, wood, and metal — can be used to create a calm balance when moving into your new home.

You should have aspects of all of the elements in your home, but you can strategically use the elements to your advantage. For example, according to this article, you can incorporate elements that you are lacking in your life. If you need motivation, incorporate fire elements such as a bright red wall. Whereas, if you tend to be overly aggressive, tone down the fire elements and balance your aggressive tendencies with cooler elements.

Ensuring a Fortune-Filled Move

A positive attitude, thoughtful practices, and carefully packed and placed items are all crucial elements of a successful feng shui move.

To help you achieve a fortune-filled move, hire movers you can trust. Choose a professional moving company that can do the job right in terms of protecting your home and possessions, and even helping to create the harmonious, balanced environment you long for. That positive energy, balance, and fresh start is achievable when you rely on a recommended moving company, like All Jersey Moving & Storage.

Widely respected and known as a reputable, professional moving company, we offer local and long distance moving services for residential moves and commercial moves, as well as partial and complete packing and unpacking services. Pianos, fine art, furniture, clothing — we expertly move it all. With our seasoned movers, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your prized possessions will safely and swiftly be moved to your harmonious new home.

We also provide containerized storage services for situations that require you to put things away temporarily or for a longer term period.

Based in New Jersey, All Jersey Moving & Storage offers moving services within a 500-mile radius. Beyond that radius, we’ve partnered with National Van Lines, which allows us to provide moving services anywhere in the continental U.S.

Feng shui practices can yield fortune, and we want to help. As you prepare for a fortune-filled, feng shui move, contact us for your complimentary moving estimate. We’ve been in the moving business since 1956, after being founded by a family who understands the importance of a well-executed move. Avoid disorganization, bickering, and negative energy. Our professional moving team delivers a peace of mind that contributes to the positive energy you want in your new home or place of business.

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