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Everything You Need to Know about Moving to Delaware

Just across the bay from New Jersey, Delaware sits as the second smallest state — 96 miles long and anywhere from nine to 35 miles across. Moving to Delaware, you’ll find that it is rich in history with a varied climate from north to south.

Delaware has three counties, two of which were historically agricultural, and one of which is more industrial. Delaware was one of the 13 colonies and was the first to ratify the Constitution, giving it the name, “The First State.”

Between cost of living and climate, population size and things to do, there’s a lot of factors to consider when it comes to moving to a new state. All Jersey Moving & Storage has been in the moving business since 1956, so we know what matters when it comes to moving.

As you consider a move from New Jersey to Delaware, here are some things to know!

Cost of Living

Overall, with the cost of homes in the U.S. averaging at $219,700, Delaware homes cost an average of $237,100. However, you’ll notice that in Delaware, while the cost of living is above average in the U.S., it’s lower than New York and New Jersey. This is a benefit of moving to Delaware from other states in the northeast.

Delaware Climate

Delaware has four seasons. Fall is beloved for its beautiful orange and red fall foliage while winter is known for its picturesque snowfalls. Summers are hot and precipitation varies from year to year. When looking at which part of Delaware to settle in, take note that some areas have more snowfall than others, despite the state’s small size.

Dense Population

The U.S. Census Bureau states that the Delaware population as of July 2018 was 967,171. Delaware is expected to reach a population of one million soon. Delaware is the sixth most densely populated state. This makes it a state in which you can easily meet new people and find friends as you settle in.

Tax Friendly

Delaware is one of only four states that doesn’t have sales tax. This makes it a popular destination for shopping with numerous boardwalks and city centers. In addition, there is no estate tax, and the property taxes are the fourth lowest in the U.S.!

Small-Town Feel

A densely populated state on a small plot of land, Delaware offers a small-town feel throughout the state. Residents boast of their beach towns and shopping centers with a New England feel. History buffs will be sure to enjoy its American Revolutionary history.

Close Proximity to Atlantic City, DC, and Philadelphia

Because Delaware is such a small state, you can easily commute to work in surrounding states. This allows you to take advantage of Delaware’s lower cost of living and the job markets in and around Delaware.

Plus, you can easily take a quick trip to multiple large cities to see the sights or visit friends and family.  Atlantic City, New Jersey, boasts of its casinos, large beaches, and decadent boardwalks. Of course, Washington D.C. is home to many historic sites — you can easily spend a whole day exploring them. The spring is a lovely time to go see the blooming cherry blossoms in East Potomac Park. Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city where you can find the Liberty Bell and many American Revolutionary sites.


Below you will find helpful resources for your move to Delaware.

Interesting Facts About Delaware

  • Delaware was named after the first governor of Virginia, Lord de la Warr.
  • The town of Delmar is the little town that’s too big for one state. It’s located in Delaware and spreads into Maryland.
  • The Lady Bug is Delaware’s official bug.
  • The first U.S. scheduled steam railroad began in New Castle, Delaware in 1831.
  • A household name, Henry Heimlich was born in Wilmington, Delaware. He’s the one who — you guessed it — published his findings on a technique to save persons from choking. Only one week after it was published, the first choking victim was saved. The Heimlich Maneuver is something we can all thank Dr. Heimlich for.
  • The man on the 1999 Delaware state quarter is Brigadier-General Caesar Rodney of Dover. He rode 80 miles on horseback through the night to cast a deciding vote in favor of the country’s independence.
  • In 2015, Delaware was listed as having the fastest internet speeds in the country. This is a big advantage, especially if you have an online business.

Things to Do in Delaware

  • Visit Winterthur, a historic estate with a museum and a 60-acre garden. Henry Francis du Pont, an antique collector and horticulturist grew up there and opened his home as a museum in 1951. It’s a charming estate with blooming flowers and flowing water that glides by pathways.
  • Wander around the sandy beaches at Cape Henlopen State Park. Previously a military base, this coastal preserve was one of the first dedicated public lands. It’s open from sunrise to sunset and features campgrounds, a fishing pier, biking and walking paths, a disc golf course, and more. A World War II observation tower decorates the landscape.
  • Stroll through Fenwick Island State Park. Established in 1966, it’s open year-round on a thin piece of land between Little Assawoman Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The bathhouse there has showers and changing rooms. You’ll also encounter a gift shop and food concession stand. The gift shop sells permits to drive right onto the beach. Nearby, you can visit the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Delaware.
  • Check out the historical Indian River Life-Saving Station Museum, used beginning in 1876 to rescue shipwrecked mariners.
  • Take a hike at Alapocas Run State Park. It’s a gorgeous place to take pictures and enjoy fall foliage. It’s open all year and has a substantial 415 acres.
  • Sample delicious seafood from countless local restaurants and franchises. Close to the ocean, you’ll easily find the best options around.
  • Find a shipwreck like the Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck. At low tide, you’ll find this historical structure in the sand.
  • Enjoy the flowers at Gibraltar Gardens. One of the first female landscape architects worked on these enchanting gardens. Iron gates, carriage house, and water lilies — it’s the perfect place to bring a picnic.
  • Attend the Apple Scrapple Festival, an event held in October with a car show, decorating contest, scrapple sling, trade show, carnival, and of course, apples!

Tips for Settling In

Don’t unpack everything all at once. If you’ve hired professional movers, have them move all your boxes to their designated rooms in your new home. Be sure to mark each box clearly, and briefly identify its contents. Unpacking all your boxes is a process; unless you thrive in chaos, you shouldn’t try to do it all at once! Begin by unboxing the essentials, such as bedding, clothing, plates, utensils, bathroom items, and food. There will be a lot to do at first, and unboxing everything right away will make you feel even more overwhelmed and disorganized. Select parts of your house to focus on after work in the evenings or on the weekends, and unpack and organize room by room. Eventually, your whole house will be complete and begin to really feel like home.

All Jersey Moving & Storage provides partial and complete unpacking services, including placing your kitchenware and antiques in the correct cupboards and drawers. This specialty service is popular among busy families, seniors, and working professionals.

Get familiar with the surrounding area. Although you’ll have piles of things to organize at home after your move, don’t stay cooped up inside for too long. Make sure to take breaks to check out local restaurants or take an afternoon trip to one of Delaware’s beautiful state parks. This will help you feel more at home and even refresh and energize you before you head home to keep unpacking.

Check in with your loved ones and pets. Let your loved ones know that you made it safely to Delaware. If you’re moving with children, check in and see how they are feeling and ensure they have everything they need (it may be time to check out a local pizza or ice cream shop!). If you’ve moved with pets, take your dog for a walk, set up your cat’s litter box and make sure they have fresh water and food before you begin getting settled and unpacking

Stick with a routine. Just because your house isn’t in perfect order doesn’t mean that you can’t have a routine, especially if you thrive with a routine in place (most of us do!). Get up and make coffee at 7. Make the bed. Wipe down the counters after breakfast. This will help your disorderly home feel a little more orderly.

Take it all in. You’ve got a new house or apartment, a new city, and a new life! Embrace it and make it your own. Most of all, be positive. Your attitude can help set the tone for how your new life will be in The First State.

Moving to Delaware: Hiring a Professional

Whether you’re moving to Delaware from New Jersey or across the country, hiring a professional moving company is key to your success.

As a family moving company that’s helped countless individuals and organizations since 1956, we’re often referred to as the best moving company in New Jersey.

Completing local moves in and around New Jersey as well as  long distance moves, we’ve got a lot to offer:

  • Once you’ve decided where you’ll be moving and are searching for professional movers you can trust, give us a call for your free moving estimate. We’ll provide it upfront so you have one less detail to worry about.
  • With top notch equipment and friendly staff, you can expect a move that is executed safely and securely.
  • A lot of U.S. residents have valuable antiques, especially those living in such a historical area as New England. Our team has the know-how to carefully relocate your antiques and heirlooms.
  • Weekend pickups and deliveries won’t cost you extra. A lot of other companies add on an extra cost for those prime moving times, but we know your busy schedule often requires a weekend move. We’ll take care of you for the same cost, whether your move is a Wednesday or a Saturday.
  • Stay musical no matter where you go, even relocating your piano! We can help you prevent damage and injury by expertly and securely moving your piano.
  • We have storage services available for long and short-term periods. In contrast to self storage, our containerized storage services seal and secure your possessions in large secure wooden containers. We also blanket wrap items. Read more about our storage here.
  • In a hurry? Take advantage of our last-minute services.

Rachel Wolchin, an author at Medium said, “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.” Moving can be overwhelming, but it’s also an opportunity to throw out old possessions and find familiarity in a new home. Delaware is full of many gems with beaches, historical sites, waterfalls, rivers, and so much more.

As draining as moving may be, we hope that you’ll find Delaware as charming as we do.  Delaware is “The Small Wonder” — and soon, it could be your home.

In order to complete a truly successful move to Delaware, hire a professional moving company to make it happen. All Jersey Moving & Storage is a trusted moving company with high reviews from our amazing customers.

Our New Jersey moving company does more than move your possessions — we’re here to help you move your entire life and enjoy a fresh start in your new home.

Contact us today for your complimentary moving estimate.


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