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A Couple’s Guide to Moving in Together

Moving in together is a big step in a couple’s relationships. It confirms the confidence both you and you partner have in the relationships and intertwines your lives even more deeply, bringing you closer together. It’s an exciting milestone!

While it’s an exciting time, moving in together also brings out new stresses and challenges. After all, you’ve never lived together and now you’re packing up all your worldly possessions and living under the same roof.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped innumerable couples move in to new homes or apartments together. In our decades of serving the community, we’ve learned what makes a couple’s move a success. By planning out your upcoming move, organizing it well, and following our suggestions below, we hope that you’ll avoid some of the unnecessary bumps along the road many couples moving in together face.

Here are some tips and advice to help you and your partner accomplish a smooth move:

Before Moving in Together

Plan ahead - After you’ve decided to move in together, it can feel like things move so quickly. You’re nervous and excited all at the same time and ready to conquer the next step in your relationship. An important part of this journey is planning ahead for your move. The less stressful the moving process is, the less likely it will lead to conflict. By preparing for your move, you’ll be more likely to start this chapter on a positive note.

Determine where you’ll live - Will one of you move in with the other or will you find a new place so the two of you can have a fresh start? In addition, consider doing a trial run — spending two weeks together with no breaks. This can hint as to whether or not you’re really ready to live together full time.

Discuss pets and children - This is another huge aspect of the move — combining families, whether it be children or your beloved pets. Are the two of you comfortable with the whole family living together? What will the living arrangements be like? Be sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to where the cats will sleep or who will have to share a room.

Pick a moving date - When will you move in together? Cross check work and personal calendars and choose a date that works for the two of you. Then make sure your preferred professional movers are available on that date.

Declutter and pack possessions - Start packing early and have a clear plan about who is bringing what so you don't wind up with two toasters, kettles, etc. This will help you save on space and prevent avoidable clutter. Determining what you’ll both bring ahead of time is ideal because it will allow you time to sell items you won't need. You can put the money you earn from any sales toward new décor or furniture for your shared home, a rainy-day fund, or date night!

Decide how to share the financial responsibility of the move - This may be one of the biggest hurdles of moving in together. It requires opening up about financial aspects of your lives that you may not have previously discussed. Who will pay for the move? How will you split the rent or mortgage? What about the responsibility for utilities or groceries? It’s best to discuss these things before you move in together so neither partner is unclear or resentful. Establishing a clear budget upfront is extremely helpful.

Write an agreement out – Once you’ve had important discussions about expectations and responsibilities (i.e. who is responsible for what, from chores to the bills), draw up a simple written agreement. This not only ensures you’re on the same page; it can also help resolve many conflicts that may occur once you’re living together.

On moving day - What type of move will it be? Are you going to try to do it yourself or will you hire licensed movers? Keep in mind that DIY moves and moves executed by unlicensed, unprofessional movers are more likely to result in your furniture, belongings and home being damaged. They’re also more likely to take much longer and increase the risk of potential personal injury.

Hiring a professional and reputable mover like All Jersey Moving & Storage guarantees that your things will be safely moved by experienced professionals who are insured and have the proper equipment. If you do hire a professional moving company, secure your preferred moving date ASAP. (The sooner you book, the more likely you'll be to guarantee your date of choice. Make sure it's a day that works for both you and your partner, like we noted previously.)

After Moving in Together

Decorate and furnish together - Make your new place your own by integrating both of your styles. Incorporating both of your furniture and decor, as well as selecting new items together can make moving in a real bonding experience. You and your partner will likely have some differing tastes, but you may also discover that you have certain style preferences in common. Compromise may be necessary here, so make it a fun experience to alleviate any conflict.

Maximize your space - Sharing a space is exciting, but two people means twice as much “stuff” as you’re accustomed to. Be sure to get all the organizing systems and space savers you need to maximize your living space. You might need closet shelves, door hanging storage, blanket storage ottomans, or other helpful furniture. No one wants to live in a cramped space. Try to share closets and drawers 50/50 unless you’ve arranged a different set of rules for your relationship.

Consider containerized storage - If you find that you have furniture or items of sentimental or monetary value that don’t fit in the space you’re moving into, you can use a storage service to safely store your things. These items can be stored long term, until you move into a larger home, or until you reach a decision about what to do with them. Utilizing a containerized storage facility can help avoid feelings of resentment and ensure your living space isn’t cramped.

Throw a housewarming party - One of the most fun and exciting ways to celebrate moving in together is to throw a housewarming party. This is an opportunity to bring all of your friends together and make your place feel like home.

Tips for Living Together for the First Time

Living together for the first time is exciting! As you adjust to living together and sharing a space, there are things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable for you both.

Discover your new neighborhood together - Find date spots, parks, cafes, and bars near your new home. Make it an adventure and try to discover your new favorite local spots. This is also key to keeping the relationship light and fun, and can be necessary to work off the stress of moving and unpacking.

Share household chores - Dividing household responsibilities is certainly an adjustment for couples living together for the first time. Some couples choose to assign certain chores on a permanent basis (partner A takes out the trash and partner B does the laundry). However, you may find a different arrangement that suits you better, such as doing the laundry together or simply helping out as you’re able and depending on your schedules.

Try not to criticize - As you grow accustomed to living together, you may notice new habits of your partner that you didn’t notice before. Try to simply observe and adjust to your partner’s living habits. If you find a particular habit disturbs your sense of wellbeing, have a respectful, open conversation about it. Habits may include leaving lights on, not doing the dishes or making the bed, or listening to music loudly. Again, compromise will be key here to the two of you living happily together.

Give each other space - If you can, try to create a space in your home for each of you. This gives you both the individual space and freedom required to feel at ease in a committed relationship. Plus, continue with your personal hobbies or maintain your old groups of friends. This is an essential aspect of keeping the identity you both need to feel comfortable.

Spend time alone - Although you’re living together, this doesn’t mean that you have to be with each other every waking moment. Lack of personal time and space can lead to resentment and weariness of the relationship. Schedule “me time” to read a good book, relax in the bath, or sunbathe in the garden. Having that space is essential to not feeling claustrophobic in the relationship.

Communicate - Be clear about how you feel and be kind no matter what. Being open and honest will help you find solutions quickly and live together happily.

Have fun - Moving in together is supposed to be a happy and upbeat time in your relationship. Keep the mood light and remember to have fun. You’ve chosen to move in together so you may as well make it a fun experience for both of you.

Expert Moving Services for Moving in Together: All Jersey Moving & Storage

Yes, moving in together really is a big step! We want to make sure the two of you have a positive and seamless experience. It’s because of couples like you that we care so much about moving. We know how big of an impact having the right help can make.

Imagine being able to rely on someone for packing, loading up the van, moving in, and unpacking. That would allow you and your partner to focus on all of the other responsibilities associated with moving in together. Instead of worrying about the move, you could focus on deciding what travel keepsakes to bring to your new home or checking out the little coffee shop on your block.

That “helpful someone” can be a reputable moving team like All Jersey Moving & Storage. We’ve been helping couples, families, and businesses move for years. We have custom packing services, so you can use our team for as many or as few possessions as necessary. If you need help packing, but your partner doesn’t, we’ll help you out!

A licensed mover like our company guarantees that your items will be safely and securely moved. In addition, the same staff will move you in and out, creating familiarity with you and your belongings in the process. This makes it easier to communicate and work with you. We want you to be happy and enjoy living together. We make that possible by relieving the stress of packing and moving.

We have countless positive reviews and awards that show just how reliable we are.

Contact us here for your free moving quote. Across town or across the country, we’ll make moving in together a much easier, more enjoyable experience.