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The Best Time of Year to Move


Winter, spring, summer, fall - whatever the season, moving is always a challenge. That said, if you're moving to a new state or neighborhood, take the time of year that you move into consideration. Of course, sometimes your schedule is inflexible and you need to be out of or into your home by a specific date. But, if you do have greater flexibility, read on to learn about the best - and worst - times of year to move.

Best Time of Year to Move: Spring and Fall

Summer is the peak season for moving, as the weather is generally pleasant and people often take time off work or school. Therefore, local moving companies often charge higher rates during the warm summer months. The best local movers are often harder to book during peak seasons, which means that you may have to book further in advance to secure your moving date of choice. Spring and Fall are therefore the best times of year to plan your move if you're looking for more competitive moving rates and greater availability.

Got Kids?

If your children are in school, working around the school calendar is often the most sensible choice. Moving during the school year can be stressful and therefore potentially disruptive to your child's schedule. Children need time to get comfortable with the idea of moving, which often includes leaving a familiar neighborhood and saying goodbye to friends. Whether or not you move in the summer, be sure to give your child lots of advance notice. Encourage them to speak about the move and be a part of the packing process. Because summer is the busiest season for moving, be sure to book far in advance.

The Winter Blues

Not surprisingly, winter is usually not the ideal season to move. With frigid weather in many parts of the East Coast, it's often a less than pleasant time to be packing up your home and completing all the last minute tasks associated with a big move. Because of bad winter weather, travel is also often difficult both for you and your moving company, leading to longer move times. If you do need to move during the winter months, keep in mind that all snow and ice must be cleared from walkways before your movers arrive. Also check with your moving company to ensure that your items will be protected from the elements!

Home for the Holidays

Sometimes you can't control your moving schedule. That said, try to keep holidays and special occasions in mind if you do have some sway in selecting your moving dates. Try to give yourself enough time to be comfortably settled in your new home before the holiday season so that you can actually relax and enjoy. It's never fun to spend your holidays fretting about the many stresses of moving. If anything, plan your move for after the holiday season. Holiday gatherings are the perfect time to say goodbye to friends and family.

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