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Beat The Summer Rush – Find A Mover Early


CalendarThe mover’s peak season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  It’s rapidly approaching and you don’t want to drag your feet while your fellow home buyers are filling up the schedules of top notch NJ moving companies.  Every year countless people have no choice but to hire the bottom of the barrel moving companies because they weren’t aware of how busy movers are in the summer.  We get frantic calls from people looking for a moving company for the last week of June, July or August when even the unlicensed & uninsured movers have their hands full. The last week of June, July, and August are three of the busiest weeks of the year for all NJ Moving Companies.

1. Narrow down your search: If you already have a preferred mover or have a solid referral that’s great. If not, you want to start your search and narrow it down to a few NJ local moving companies. Look for movers with a solid reputation first and foremost.

2. Start getting moving quotes 45-60 days in advance:  In most cases expect the mover to want to schedule an onsite estimate in order to provide the most accurate quote for your move.  In some cases the mover can provide a quote over the phone if there is a minimal amount of stuff you need moved.  In either case, you want the mover to provide an itemized inventory of all your items attached to a written quote to ensure all parties are on the same page.  If the mover doesn’t offer any of the above, it’s a clear sign to reconsider which company you’re choosing. Otherwise, come moving day you may end up as one of the many horror stories you find all over the internet as a result of unscrupulous movers.

3. Secure your mover 30-45 days in advance:  Even if you don’t have a solid date, don’t hesitate to contact the mover and inform them that you would like to secure their service.  In most cases when a customer books at least thirty days in advance the moving date usually changes. This is fine seeing as we have a system in place to accommodate your new date.  We only require a 48 hour notice to change your date without penalty and it’s rare that closing dates change within that 48 hour time period.  We look at our schedule in ten-day blocks and it’s a shell game to accommodate all requests. As long as we have a truck and crew secured for you, we have more than enough resources to make it all work.  Unfortunately, if you wait until you know the closing date for certain there is a possibility that all the professional movers worth hiring are booked.

4. The Lucky Ones:  If you don’t have two closings in one day and you are flexible and don’t need one particular day to move than you can exhale after reading this.  Now that doesn’t mean that you should wait until the last minute! Since closing days are constantly changing there are holes in our schedule from time to time even during the peak season. 

One major factor to keep in mind is that most people prefer to move when their kids are on summer break so they can start their new school fresh at the beginning of the school year.  If you plan on moving during the peak season, call us today at 800-922-9109 or visit All Jersey Movers.

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