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Avoiding Bogus Reviews and Tips to Select the Right Moving Company

Whether you're moving to another state or just around the corner, you want moving day to run without a glitch. But let's face it - we've all heard moving horror stories. While rogue movers overcharge and reckless movers damage or misplace valuable possessions, the right moving company can make moving day headache-free.

But how do you find a professional moving company in New Jersey or on the East Coast that you can trust and afford?

One word: research!

It's very important that you do your research when making the decision of which local moving company to hire. Even after you've asked your friends and family for referrals, it's a good idea to go online and do a little digging before signing any contracts.

Beware of Bogus Reviews

Keep in mind that - unfortunately - not all online reviews are legitimate. Some companies will go online and fabricate rave reviews to boost their online image. Glowing online reviews can be purchased on sites like and Alternatively, some moving companies actually post negative reviews about their competitors!  How can you spot these bogus reviews? Many of them are very general and don’t offer any meaningful details. Many aren't written properly, while others are very short or - in some cases - even vulgar.

So, how can you navigate reviews? Try to read between the lines and keep an open mind. Read through online reviews carefully and look for balanced reviews that depict that pros and the cons of clients' experiences. It’s inevitable that a company will have some unhappy customers so if all the reviews are extremely positive, you may not be getting the full picture - beware!

The Best Place to Find Online Reviews for New Jersey Moving Companies

If you're looking for a good place to start your search, you can begin at the beginning. Do a simple Google search with search terms like “online moving reviews," "nj moving company reviews" and "new jersey movers reviews." Next, you can move on to Angie's List, a great resource for online reviews. Avoid Yelp! Unless a company pays them for advertising, most of their positive reviews stay hidden. You can see the reviews that yelp considers “not recommended” in a link at the bottom of any company’s page. Other smaller review sites are also often less trustworthy.

Ask Around!

If you have friends and family in the New Jersey area, ask them if they've had good experiences with reliable, affordable and experienced movers in the past. They'll be able to share their honest feedback - especially if they had a poor experience. Another way to "ask around" is to ask the top moving companies you're considering for recent clients that you can call directly as a reference.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has a very good track record when it comes to online reviews. Of course, not all reviews are 100% positive, but we take the constructive criticism in stride and use it to improve the quality of the service we provide to existing and future clients. One of the best "reviews" we get is repeat business. We've helped individuals and families move to new homes in New Jersey and across the East Coast for over 30 years. We frequently receive calls from previous clients who have new moving or storage needs and would like to work with us again.

Whether you're looking for a residential or commercial moving company, All Jersey Moving & Storage is a company you can trust. We also offer last minute moving serviceslong distance moving services and piano moving services.

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