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An Expert’s Guide to Moving to Florida

Are you moving to Florida? Known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida is more than the second largest producer of citrus fruits in the world and the home of Walt Disney World and the Miami Heat. It is a beautiful state with such much to offer, from excellent school and numerous healthcare facilities to endless recreational options. Many professionals, families and retirees are proud to call it “home”.

Despite its glorious weather, moving to Florida from across the country or even from a neighboring state is an adjustment. Here are some things you should know about moving to Florida to help ease your transition.

A Growing Population. If you’re thinking about moving to the Sunshine State, you’re definitely not alone. One of the fastest growing states in the US, almost 1000 people move to Florida each and every day. Over 18.8 million people are residents of the state and this figure is anticipated to rise to over 21 million people by 2020. Florida is one of the fastest growing states in the US. In fact, about 70 percent of Florida residents weren’t actually born there. Many move to Florida from the eastern and mid-eastern states, happy to escape harsher winters for sunny skies. While some newcomers are “snowbirds” who live in Florida during the cold winter months and return to their home state when summer comes, many become permanent residents of Florida

Five Distinct Regions. Florida is a large and diverse state. If you’re planning to move to Florida but haven’t chosen the specific city you would like to live in, it’s important you know that the state has five distinct regions: The Florida Panhandle, Northern Florida, Central Florida, Southern Florida and Southwest Florida. Each has something unique to offer. For example, Central Florida is home to Disney World, SeaWorld and the Kennedy Space Center while the Florida Panhandle is home to the state capital of Tallahassee and known for its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches.

Seniors Love It. Over twenty-three percent (23%) of Florida’s population are senior citizens (people 65 years of age and older). One in 20 Florida residents in 80 or above, and the migration of seniors to Florida is projected to more than double the state’s older population to 10 million by 2030. Many seniors are attracted to Florida’s weather and lower cost of living. Since many live on fixed incomes, they appreciate that there isn’t a state income tax, inheritance tax or estate tax.

Not Just Seniors. It’s not just seniors who move to the state of Florida. Young professionals also move to Florida because it ranks fourth in the US for job growth and has a growing economy. Young people who want to pursue a career in tourism are especially attracted to Florida. According to University of Central Florida economist Sean Snaith, Florida's economy is expected to become a $1 trillion economy by 2018.

Better Weather. One of Florida’s most prized resources has always been its glorious warm weather, evidenced by its official nickname, the "Sunshine State." Summers in Florida are generally long, warm and humid, with frequent thunderstorms. The average annual high temperature in the summer months is 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you have powerful central air conditioning and get into the habit of carrying an umbrella with you. Winter weather in Florida is typically mild, a key selling point for all the “snowbirds” that flock to Florida for the winter. The average annual low temperature is a comfortable 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Because winters in Florida are less severe than many other areas of the country, you won’t have to invest in much of a winter wardrobe and will save money on heating fuel.

No State Income Tax. If you’re moving to Florida you can celebrate the fact that there is no State Income Tax in the state. There is also no Inheritance Tax or Estate Tax. However, there are some other tax obligations you need to be aware of including a State Sales Tax, Tangible Tax and Intangible Property Tax. The State Sales Tax is currently 6% but some counties levy an additional Sales Tax. Food, medicine and professional services are exempt from Sales Tax. The Tangible Tax is applied to all business personal property, which includes anything used in operating the business with the exception of real estate. Finally the Intangible Tax is on intangible personal assets like corporate bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc. If you aren’t certain if an asset is taxable, check with your tax broker or adviser.

A Water Wonderland. If you like being by the water, you’ll absolutely love Florida. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side, the Gulf of Mexico on the other and many lakes and canals in between, the state is a water wonderland. Whether you enjoy water sports or simply lounging with a book and iced cold beverage in hand, you will appreciate Florida’s 1,100 miles of sandy beach along its 1,800 miles of coastline. Florida is home to four of the top ten rated beaches in the US: Fort De Soto Park, Caladesi Island State Park, Crescent Beach on Siesta Key and Cape Florida State Park.

Amazing attractions and recreation. There is no shortage of things to do in Florida. Enjoy the water? Hit the beach, go boating or enjoy water sports. Do you keep active? Take advantage of the sunny weather and enjoy walking, running or biking outdoors. If you’re a kid at heart or have a family, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are top choices. Do you enjoy nature or wildlife? Plan a trip to Everglades National Park, the second largest in the country after Yellowstone, or visit SeaWorld in Orlando. Have a sense of adventure? View a shuttle launch at the Kennedy Space Center or get tickets to the Daytona 500 Nascar Race. There is literally something for everyone. You’ll never run out of things to do on the weekend.

A Tourist Hot Spot. With all that water, attractions and wonderful weather, it’s not surprising that Florida has a booming Tourist industry. In fact, Florida’s top industry is tourism which generates over 35 billion dollars annually. Florida ranks as the second most visited states in the US by foreign travelers. Over 1 million Florida residents are employed in the tourism industry, which welcomes well over 40 million tourists each year. Many tourists come from within the US but at least 20% come from abroad.

Getting a Florida Driver’s License. If you’re moving to Florida, it’s important to be aware that all new residents must obtain a Florida driver’s license within 30 days of securing employment, enrolling children into school, filing for the homestead exemption or enrolling children into school. Visit a local DHSMV office to register for your license.

Helpful Resources to Simplify Your Florida Move.

Whatever the reason for your move, in order to make your transition to life in Florida seamless, you need to do some research in advance. To begin preparing for you move, browse through the resources below. The more knowledge you have, the more confident and comfortable you will feel when you arrive at your new home.

Hopefully you have a clearer picture of what Florida has to offer and what considerations you need to make before moving to Florida. But the first, most important step in your moving process is finding a reputable long distance moving company with expertise in executing Florida moves.

Moving from New Jersey to Florida? Find the Right Professional Mover.

Moving to a new state like Florida can be difficult because it involves a lot of logistical planning. You need to have the time and peace of mind necessary to tackle the many tasks on your “To Do” list. Moving with reputable movers like All Jersey Moving & Storage alleviates some of the pressure by giving you peace of mind that your belongings will reach your new home safely and on schedule.

In association with National Van Lines, All Jersey Moving & Storage now offers long distance moving from New Jersey to Florida. With our movers and logistics coordinators, you won’t have to be concerned about where your furniture and belongings are, who is moving them and when you will see them again.

By utilizing our network of skilled movers and well-maintained equipment, we are able to provide superior moving services. When you hire the All Jersey Moving & Storage team to execute your Florida to New Jersey or New Jersey to Florida move, you can expect a delivery that reflects our reputation for quality service. We handle your long distance move with the same attention, care, and expertise that our local moving customers have grown to expect.

Here are some of the advantages of utilizing All Jersey Moving & Storage’s long distance moving services:

  • We provide consumers with honest estimates - no-surprises!
  • Our professional staff has the experience and training necessary to execute your move safely. You can expect award-winning service.
  • We have the late-model equipment necessary to safely move your furniture and valuables.
  • If your move is booked through National Van Lines at least 10 business days in advance of the scheduled load date, we guarantee that our truck will arrive on the scheduled loading day. If we are even one day late picking up a shipment of over 6000 lbs. or more, we'll pay you $500 for your inconvenience.
  • We offer piano moving and specialty moving services, so you can have peace of mind that your instrument and antiques are in expert hands.

Once you have chosen your preferred long distance movers to execute your move to Florida, book them immediately. Highly rated professional moving companies book up quickly, and you don’t want to be forced to move on an inconvenient date or have to book a second-rate mover. The All Jersey Moving & Storage moving time tries to accommodate client’s scheduling needs whenever possible, but your safest bet is still to book in advance.

After securing you movers of choice, it’s time to think about the action steps you will need to take to allow your movers to do the best possible job. Our experienced long distance movers have shared Moving Tips designed to minimize stress and make preparing for your move as simple as possible. You can also visit our Long Distance Moving Blog for additional insider tips on executing a successful long distance move.

Moving from New Jersey to Florida or Florida to New Jersey? Contact All Jersey Moving & Storage for a free moving quote.