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4 Pitfalls of the Do It Yourself Move

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Everyone has a local moving company at their disposal, so why is it that so many people burden themselves with the gargantuan task of moving solo? The cost of hiring movers is a consideration, but moving without the support of professionals also comes at the cost. Read on to discover why moving yourself is more of a mishap than a money saver.


Pitfall #1 of Moving without Professional Movers: Injury

If you've helped a friend move without the help of a local moving company in the past, then you know how physically strenuous it can be. Sore muscles are a given, but if you don't know how to safely pick up and carry heavy furniture and boxes, then you run the risk of throwing out your back or sustaining an injury that can lead to a long road of medical issues.

Advantage of Hiring a Local Moving Company: Professional moving companies like All Jersey Movers and Storage train their staff to properly lift heavy items ensuring the physical safety of both the movers and the boxes or furniture being transported.

Pitfall #2 of Moving without Professional Movers: Waste of Time

Attempting a move without an efficient, experienced team of movers unnecessarily draws out an already exhausting day. When you're moving on your own or with friends, many unexpected "bumps" can arise that throw off your schedule and make the move longer than expected. People who have promised to help you may get sick or busy and not show up. The truck that you've rented may not be available at reserved time. If you don't rent the proper moving truck and equipment, you'll end up making numerous trips and spending time you don't have.

Advantage of Hiring a Local Moving Company: Professional movers have the know-how, moving equipment and physical strength necessary to ensure your move is carried out smoothly and efficiently. With movers managing the process, you can focus your time and energy on the other aspects of your move.

Pitfall #3 of Moving without Professional Movers: Property Damage

Some of your property like - technology and expensive furniture - is high in value. Other pieces are simply invaluable and irreplaceable. If you don't hire professional movers, you run the risk of your valuables and furniture being damaged during the course of the move. Inexperienced movers don't have the equipment or expertise necessary to know how to safely carry and transport property and furniture to their destination. Inexperienced movers can also cause property damage to the walls, doors or flooring of your home or apartment, leading to unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Advantage of Hiring a Local Moving Company: Professional moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage bring the necessary straps, dollies, and blankets to ensure that your furnishings reaches its destination in the same condition that it left your home or apartment.Your furniture will be carefully wrapped and handled with care as it is loaded onto and off of the moving truck and transported to your destination.

Pitfall #4 of Moving without Professional Movers: Lack of Insurance  

Although you occasionally save some money by moving with the help of your friends or casually hiring someone to give you a hand, you run the risk of being sued should one of them get injured and pursue legal action. A slip or fall under your watch can cost you dearly if you're not insured. It's not a risk worth taking.

Advantage of Hiring a Local Moving Company: Professional moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage insure their worker’s, protecting you from an expensive lawsuit should one of them get hurt during your move. This will give you peace of mind that you won't be responsible for any injuries sustained by movers on the job.

Fear of High Cost: 

Many people avoid hiring movers because they don't want to face a mounting bill, but a DIY move can sometimes end up being nearly as costly as hiring professional moving companies. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers a competitive pricing structure. We stand behind our quotes and don’t shock customers with unexpected additional costs after our trucks have been loaded with their property. Should something come up or go wrong, we have processes and procedures in place to handle your claims in a timely manner.

From our friendly office staff and well-trained movers to our clean, fully-equipped moving trucks, All Jersey Moving & Storage makes the decision to hire a professional local moving company in New Jersey a no brainer. Spare yourself the headache that comes with trying to coordinate and carry out a move without a local moving company when you already have a miles-long to-do list to tackle before you move into your home, apartment or office.

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