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5 Ways to Settle Into Your New Community More Quickly


So you’ve finally realized your dream and bought that beautiful house in the neighborhood where you’ve always aspired to live. Or you got a great promotion that entailed relocating. Sometimes moving is more of a necessity than a choice. In any scenario, good or bad, it takes time to adjust to your new surroundings. Here are 5 tips to help you settle in faster.

1.    Use professional movers to help you pack, transport and unpack your precious possessions. This is the number 1 way to reduce stress and, for many, is more of a necessity than a luxury. Your belongings remain intact and you can recreate that homey atmosphere quickly, especially if your moving company offers same day or next day service. Even seeing the same faces that packed your home arrive to help you at the other end can be reassuring when everything else is so unfamiliar. Not all moving companies are like All Jersey Moving & Storage and provide fast turnaround or the same crew, so choose carefully.

Think, too, about the first impression you make on your neighbors.  A calm, organized person who takes good care of their belongings and doesn’t let their pet run amok while trying to lug their own boxes is the ideal person to live next door.

2.    Research, research, research. Knowing that you’ve found the right moving company, understand the legal requirements in your new state and have discovered a gem of an Italian restaurant down the road from your new home will add to your feeling of competency and calmness. If you’re moving to another state, check out All Jersey Moving & Storage’s website for moving tips to destinations throughout the eastern U.S. from Boston to Virginia.


3.    After you move, make the first move. This may seem unfair, but these days people are busier than ever and spend more time inside on computers and less time in their gardens. In a world of virtual friends, meeting face to face makes a good impression. If you’re also a busy person, knock on a few doors to say hi. If you have more time, consider hosting a dinner or block party to showcase your gorgeous new place or your closely guarded heirloom recipe for chocolate cake.


4.    Consider joining clubs like Rotary, Toastmasters or a religious congregation. Especially in a smaller town, people will be pleased to see a new face and you’ll have an instant network of like-minded souls. Fitness and yoga classes will alleviate some of the stress of moving and also put you on common ground. Taking your dog for a walk or your kids to the park will also provide opportunities to connect.


Ask the people you meet for recommendations. Everybody loves to feel like an expert and you’ll obtain information that might have taken years to discover.


5.    Treat your new surroundings like a vacation destination. We spend a lot of money on leisure travel to see different places, sample exotic food and mix with the locals. Being curious about the new neighbourhood, city or state frames the move in a positive light.

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