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Sometimes we know months in advance when we’re moving and feel as if we have all the time in the world to get rid of clutter, give away unwanted items to charity and pack little by little so it’s not overwhelming.  In other instances, though, we’re being transferred for work and have to be at our new offices within a few weeks. Or we lose a family member and have to sort and pack up possessions accumulated over a lifetime in the span of a few days. Many of us are over-optimistic and miscalculate how long a move really takes. Whatever the situation, here are 10 ways to make any move less frantic.

  1. Take a while to think about and list your priorities.Can home cooked meals be put on the back burner, for example? Nowadays there are many healthful frozen meals and fast food choices available. Having treats like eating out may also cheer up family members who are sad about the move. In addition, it’s a chance to have short periods of quality time together without any distractions.
  2. Don’t rush to choose a mover or avoid obtaining at least three quotations. Gratefully grabbing the first mover who has space in their schedule or seems affordable can cost you more time down the road. Can you rely on someone with only one truck? How fast will your move go if it’s undertaken by a bunch of students looking to make extra pocket money during their vacation? Go online to sites like Angie’s List and ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. All Jersey Moving & Storage has a great reputation.
  3. Take advantage of professional help.Your moving company is a valuable resource and may offer many services to literally lighten your load and save time. The fully trained experts at a reputable company like All Jersey Moving & Storage can help with packing and unpacking, and accomplish it much faster than you would.  Often we can pack a whole home the day before the move. Think about having access to all your belongings almost until moving day instead of wasting time hunting in boxes for your child’s favorite blanket.
  4. Do a cost-benefit analysis.It may seem like an extravagance to pay for assistance but weigh that against the cost of your new home, the reduction of stress when you’re pressed for time or the peace of mind knowing that your precious figurine collection is packed securely and won’t have to be replaced. Being relaxed will also make you more productive and able to maximize your own valuable time. You could also earn more money by working a few extra days while we work our magic at your home. After all, you’re the expert at your job and we’re the experts in moving.  All Jersey Moving & Storage is surprisingly affordable. We can pack an average kitchen and dining room for around $500, which covers labor and materials.  We know exactly what supplies are needed for packing. You won’t have to hunt down boxes, tape or dollies or waste time replenishing them if you underestimated and run out of white newsprint at midnight. (Don’t even think about using old newspapers in desperation! They’ll leave smudges on your dishes and you’ll have to rewash them all at your new home.)
  5. Choose a local mover. A company specializing in a particular area knows the rules and regulations at local apartment or office buildings and senior homes. They’re familiar with the best routes and the fastest ways to get there. All Jersey Moving & Storage is based in Piscataway, New Jersey. We have the expertise and competitive rates for local moves to or from the following counties:

Down to the wire and still not packed? Call us for help withlast minute packing. All Jersey Moving & Storage will make every effort to accommodate you. Don’t waste any more precious time – contact us now for a free quote.

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