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5 Ways to Make Moving Day Less Stressful

Packing up everything you own, moving to a new home and finding a place for all your belongings is daunting – no question about it. Add a fast approaching moving day, a long to do list and perhaps children or pets to the mix and it can be downright nerve-wracking. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the inevitable stress of moving. Here are 5 practical steps you can take to make moving as manageable as possible:

Hire a Professional Moving Company

While it can be tempting to ask friends or family to help you move in order to cut costs, it’s generally not worth the risk. Unless your friends are trained movers, they don’t know how to safely move delicate or heavy items, leaving your belongings and home at risk of being damaged. Plus, you don’t want to be responsible for any injuries they might sustain in the moving process! Professional movers, like our team at All Jersey Moving and Storage, have been executing local and long distance residential moves and office moves for decades. We know how to protect your floors, walls, staircases and personal items from damage. By hiring a reputable moving company, you can have peace of mind that your furniture and valued items will reach your new home in the same condition they left your old home! It will often be the most economical choice in the long run.

Do Your Research

Another reason people worry about moving day is because they’re concerned the moving company they booked will damage their belongings, arrive late or add unexpected charges. The best way to ensure your moving company is reputable is to look for a local moving company with outstanding customer reviews. It’s also wise to ask your friends and family who they’ve used for their most recent moves. Personal referrals are the most trustworthy. Once you’ve selected your preferred mover, don’t wait until the last minute to book them. All Jersey Movers has a busy schedule of local and long distance moves, but we always do our best to accommodate last minute move requests.

Make Packing A Priority

It takes a lifetime to accumulate your furniture and belongings so it’s not surprising that packing is so time-consuming. When packing is left until the last minute, items are poorly wrapped and packed in an unsafe, disorganized fashion. This increases the likelihood that items will be damaged or lost in the moving process, not to mention the headache of organizing a houseful of goods when you arrive at your new home. Make packing a top priority on your moving to-do list. If you don’t have time to pack or unpack your belongings, consider hiring a mover to do so for you. If this isn’t an option for you, research some packing tips that the moving pros use!

Sell or Give Away What You Can’t Bring Along

Moving is the perfect incentive to take stock of your furniture and other belongings and decide what you do and don’t want to take with you. The earlier you do this, the better, especially if you want to sell pieces of furniture at a reasonable price. Leaving this until the last minute could result in you taking unwanted furniture with you that you couldn’t sell in time or having to give it away for free. You might also consider donating unwanted furniture, appliances, clothing or other items. Ask your NJ moving company which local charities will pick your items up at no cost. Again, it’s key not to wait until the last minute to organize pick up. Be sure to call at least a week or two in advance. If you want to store furniture that you don’t have room for in your new home, research local storage options. To ensure your belongings are stored securely in clean, cool condition, look for storage facilities with excellent customer reviews. All Jersey Moving and Storage offers reliable, convenient residential and commercial short-term and long-term containerized storage, document storage and logistical storage. Investigate the difference between self-storage and containerized storage to see what option is right for you. All Jersey Moving and Storage's storage facility is containerized, which means that your items are blanket-wrapped, sealed and secured in large wooden containers to keep them safe.

Arrange for Child and/or Pet Care

Even if you’re well organized for your move, getting through moving day while caring for children and pets can be challenging. If you can, ask a friend or family member if they can babysit or pet sit for the day. If that isn’t an option, consider boarding your pet for the day or hiring a babysitter. This way, you can focus on the details of the move without jeopardizing the quality of their care. If this isn’t an option, plan well in advance. Have snacks and games set aside to keep them occupied and pack a bag of essentials that will stay with you throughout the move.

*** Thousands of families and professionals have turned to All Jersey Moving and Storage for their residential or commercial moving needs. With decades of experience under our belt, we know what it takes to make moving day as stress-free as possible for our clients. Whether you’re moving locally or moving across the country, don’t wait until the last minute to book your move. Contact us today.

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