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5 Ways to Cope When Moving with Small Children


A move can be difficult both physically and psychologically for parents and their young children. The packing, change in routine, absence of familiar faces and friends, and the empty new home can make everyone in the family anxious and unsettled. Fortunately, getting an early start, preparing your children in advance, being organized and incorporating fun into the move can make a big difference and eliminate any bad memories. As a professional moving company with decades of experience helping families’ move, we'd like to share our top 5 tips for ensuring a smooth move for everyone in the family:

  1. Delegate as much as possible. Accept every offer of assistance while you have friends, family and babysitters nearby. It’s worth paying for a few hours of babysitting so you don’t have children underfoot and can complete several tasks without distractions. While you may want to empty your freezer and grocery cupboards, sometimes it makes more sense to eat a few meals out. This keeps your pots and pans, flatware and dinnerware clean, gives you a break from cooking and is a treat for your children. Be sure to select a moving company that offers a wide range of services as opposed to a man and a truck that show up only on moving day. Professional moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage can help with all your packing and unpacking or step in to complete the packing if your children need your attention or you find you’re running out of time.
  2. Keep your children informed about the move. Planning ahead and being organized will ensure you stay calm and are able to frame the move positively – even if that’s not how you actually feel. Put the date on a calendar and count down like you would for an upcoming birthday. If you’re certain you can afford the time and effort, plan a farewell party. Hand each guest a card with a pre-addressed and stamped envelope and ask them to write a few lines and pop it in the mail after you leave.  Your children will be excited to check the mailbox at your new home and it will make them feel they’re still connected to those they’ve left behind. Display pictures of your new residence and ask teachers at your children’s future daycare or school if they can send photos of themselves or the classrooms. This will help eliminate the unfamiliarity of their new situation.
  3. Plan ahead to eliminate stress and uncertainty.  Look for a mover as early as you can and obtain at least three quotes. A reputable mover will ask for as much information as possible in order to provide you with a fixed price. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers a detailed online tool or in-person estimates for your convenience. We understand that parents have their hands full and that moving with small children can be extremely stressful. Knowing that you have a reliable mover and an accurate quote will eliminate a lot of strain, allowing you to plan clearly and deal with your children calmly.  You’ll also know your budget and whether you can afford additional help or convenience food if needed. You should also check that your moving company has in-depth knowledge of their employees and doesn’t use casual labor. Exposing your home and children to strangers can be risky. All Jersey Moving & Storage only uses fully trained and experienced crews to give you optimal peace of mind. We’re a well established part of our community and come highly recommended by sites like Angie's List.
  4. Pack carefully and strategically. Make sure that your children’s favorite toy, blanket and book are accessible at all times and not packed in a box or left behind. Mark and number the most essential boxes containing their possessions clearly and prominently and point them out to the movers. See that you have drinks and snacks available for all stages of the move – at home, en route and at your final destination. Include some treats to frame the day positively and make it memorable.
  5. Incorporate some fun into the occasion. Create simple maps of your route. Build a Lego house and buy some characters representing your kids so they feel they have some control over the move. Put some inexpensive surprises in their new cupboards. Bury a treasure chest of chocolate coins in a flower bed. And don’t forget the adults – some bubble bath or a celebratory bottle of wine for the first night at your new home builds good memories for you too.

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