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5 Tips to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Mover

Are you planning a last minute summer move? Or are you moving to a new state or different neighborhood this fall? Whenever you plan a move, the first step is finding a moving company you can really TRUST. Unfortunately, that process isn't always simple. Searching for moving company in New Jersey or New York can produce countless movers eager for your business.

But...can you trust them?

You've probably heard moving horror stories featuring movers who lost or broke valuable items, showed up late (or never showed) on moving day, or charged hidden fees that blew your moving budget through the roof.

All Jersey Moving & Storage feels your "moving pains." You deserve to work with a reliable, affordable moving company. We've been moving families and professionals in New Jersey and across the East Coast for decades, so we've learned a thing or two about the industry! From our family to yours, here are a few tips to help you avoid hiring the wrong mover:

1. The moving company quotes a price that is much lower than everyone else's. When a moving company charges significantly lower than their competitors, be cautious. They're likely either very inexperienced or will charge countless "hidden fees" when moving day comes around. Movers charge either by the hour or by the weight of your shipment, so there's a good chance that the low estimate you received will shoot up when your move is complete. The result? You'll end up paying just as much as you would for a legitimate mover but - most likely - for lackluster service and uninsured employees. Find a moving company that charges fair, competitive prices and has a track record of providing excellent service.

2. The moving company didn't give you anything in writing. Another thing that should raise alarm bells is if your moving company doesn't provide you with a written estimate, itemized inventory as well as a contract that needs to be signed by both parties. Companies can't be held to anything they haven't put in writing! And remember, all NJ licensed movers are required to provide a contract at least 24 hours in advance of moving day. It's a red flag if your mover wants you to sign the paperwork on moving day.

3. The moving company is very vague and doesn't ask for details. Be aware if the moving company is happy to provide you with a quote before you have providing them with all the details. This includes a complete inventory of items you need to move and the location of your current and future residence. Both binding and non-binding estimates can change on moving day and rogue movers often exploit this tactic.

4. The moving company requires cash payment. When you pay with cash, you can't really protect yourself against moving scam artists. If you pay by credit card, you can report the movers to your credit card company. With a check you can stop payment. But with dollar bills -- you're out of luck. You may also simply not want to walk around with that kind of hard cash.

5. The movers don't have the required license. You should also confirm that your moving company of choice is actually licensed to provide moving services. Moving companies in New Jersey and most other states require a license. Did you know that the New Jersey State police recently nabbed dozens of rogue, unlicensed movers? Do your homework and you'll be sure to avoid trouble. How? Visit this website and select the profession Public Movers & Warehousemen

Looking for a residential or commercial moving company with decades of experience, turn to All Jersey Moving and Storage. By choosing a reputable moving company, you can have peace of mind that your furniture and other belongings will arrive in the same condition that it was in when it was packed at your old home or office. Our team of professional movers have the packing and logistical expertise necessary to save you unimaginable stress of a moving day going terribly wrong. We also offer last minute moving services, long distance moving services and piano moving services.

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