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5 Things to Consider When Moving and Downsizing

When we hear that someone’s decided to downsize their home, we usually assume they’re an empty nester or retiree. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average size of a house in the United States was 1,400 square feet in 1970 and had almost doubled by 2004. However, in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007-2008, a movement toward tiny houses began - some as small as 100 square feet! As living downtown became trendy in many cities, younger people moved into compact more affordable condos.

There are advantages and disadvantages to scaling down your living space. Here are a few to take into account:

Reduce Your Furniture and Other Possessions Gradually Before Moving Day

Some people make the decision to move to a smaller home but can’t bear to part with their cherished collections or heirloom furniture. One solution is to remove a few pieces at a time to see if you really miss them. All Jersey Moving and Storage has our own containerized storage facility where items are blanket wrapped and packed in sealed wooden containers. We monitor all movement in and outside of the facility, ensuring the security of your goods. Our prices are reasonable, giving you time to make an unhurried decision. Call us for a free quote .

Use a Professional Mover

When you’re unsure of how much space you’ll need in your new home, a reputable moving company is an invaluable resource. Whether you use All Jersey Moving and Storage’s online estimate tool or select an in-home estimate, we’ll work with you through each step of the process. We take care to learn our customers’ individual circumstances and guarantee transparency and anxiety-free moving.

We know it can be traumatic leaving a larger or much loved residence. That’s why we offer assistance like packing and unpacking to minimize the stress.

We specialize in moves within New Jersey and contiguous areas and along the East Coast. We have extensive knowledge of these locations and the requirements of the residential high-rise buildings within them.

Don’t Just Consider Savings but Tax Implications

If possible, don’t make a hasty decision to downsize. It’s important to think through all the considerations. Consult professionals like investment advisors and tax experts to understand the financial consequences of your sale. When you sell your primary residence, you can generate a gain of up to $250,000 ($500,000 if you file a joint return) and not owe any capital gains tax. You must have lived in it for two of the five years prior to the sale.

Taking Extra Care When Seniors Move

When seniors decide to move, it can be more stressful than a typical change of residence, for both the senior(s) and their children. Homes and possessions are not just material things; rather, they’re tied to decades of memories. Sometimes, a senior may be forced to move for health reasons. It’s essential to have an understanding and experienced mover to minimize anxiety. All Jersey Moving and Storage specializes in senior moving and is familiar with all the senior residential facilities in our community. 

Our staff are not just casual workers but are fully trained and tasked to provide personal, friendly service. Unlike many moving companies, the same crew that packs your belongings unpacks them at your destination. When everything else is strange or new, it’s reassuring to have a familiar face.

Think About What Makes You Happy

Do you enjoy having a guest room or would the building’s guest suite be suitable? Do you entertain a lot or do you just need access to a party room that you can rent once or twice a year? Have you always wanted a swimming pool but been reluctant because of the maintenance? Meeting as many of these requirements as possible will help ensure that trading spaces goes smoothly.

To ensure happy memories of your move, contact us today for a free quote.

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