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5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Potential Moving Companies

Whether you're preparing for your spring move in advance or you just found out that you need to execute a last minute summer move, it's critical that you secure the services of a trusted local moving company. Getting a head start will ensure that your professional moving company of choice is available on your desired moving dates.

If you've asked friends and family for recommendations and done your online research, you're well on your way. But it's absolutely key that you be prepared with the right questions when you pick up the phone to call your top choices to make your final decision.

Here are some questions to keep in mind when trying to choose a mover you can trust to execute your move safely, affordably and on schedule:

1. Are you a broker or do you actually work for the mover?

It's important to find out if you're speaking with a broker. Moving brokers connect customers with moving companies that may or may not be a quality company. Some are reluctant to disclose they are a broker so it’s a question worth asking. When you're in your research phase, deal directly with a representative from the moving company being considered.

2. Is your quote realistic?

Unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and many times the lowest quote is not the lowest when all said and done. We recommend getting three quotes to get a good feel of your moving cost. It’s best to get an onsite survey and do some research before making a decision. Be sure to ask if you will incur extra charges for fuel, parking, staircases, particularly heavy items, appliances, etc.

3. What different forms of payment do you accept?

If the moving company you're considering only accepts payment in cash, be weary and stay away. It's also key to clarify how much you have to put down as a deposit, whether or not the deposit is partially or fully refundable under any circumstances, the portion of payment due when your items are safely delivered to your new home or office.

4. Will my possessions be transferred during my long distance move?

To decrease the risk of loss or damage, many people prefer that their belongings be unloaded only once they have reached their final destination. If you're searching for a moving company to execute a long distance move, be sure to explicitly ask if your possessions will be transferred to another moving truck at some point during the journey.

5. How will I be protected if any of my belongings are damaged or lost during the move?

It's important to clarify at the get-go who will be responsible for reimbursing the cost of broken items. What sort of insurance is included in your quote, and if more insurance is desired, what is the additional cost?

You likely personally know or have heard of a moving horror story. Choosing a moving company without arming yourself with the information you need can result in great cost and even greater disappointment.

For decades, professionals and families have been turning to All Jersey Moving & Storage to carry out short and long distance moves and offering short and long term containerized storage. We have earned a reputation for being an honest, dependable and fairly priced moving company. Contact an All Jersey Moving & Storage representative today for a free quote or to get your questions answered.

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