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The 5 Moving Tips That Could Make Or Break Your Move


Most people have heard that moving is one of the 10 most stressful life events, ranked right up there with death and divorce. Even if you’re going from a studio apartment to a chateau, it can still be a daunting experience. So what can you do to ensure you arrive at your destination calm enough to start a new job the next day, with your child reunited with those special teddy bears or your spouse ready to whip up gourmet mac ‘n cheese on Day 1?

1.    Consider using professional movers. This seems like an obvious tip and a no brainer, but is it really? Many of us decide that because we own a truck or minivan already, are a project manager or have 4 nephews who are weight lifters, we can handle the move ourselves.

Professional moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage have the right people for the job. Our properly trained and experienced movers have the strength, expertise and dexterity required to lift your hefty couch and maneuvering it into that awkward corner in your new living room without banging up your freshly painted walls. Reputable movers are also bonded and insured, in the event that something is misplaced or damaged.

Can the friends who are willing to help you move afford to replace your treasured possessions? And can you afford to pay for physiotherapy sessions if someone gets injured? Keep it simple and hire a professional moving company. They'll use the best materials to pack and protect your values so they reach your destination unscathed.

2.    Get three estimates from moving companies. Beware of charges by cubic foot and surcharges for moving on weekends. Ask how many times the company has handled similar moves, especially out of state, and whether or not they have their own storage facilities. All Jersey Moving & Storage boasts a reliable, secure residential and commercial containerized storage facility in New Jersey. You can store your items in a pristine, temperature-controlled facility on a short-term or long-term basis.

3.    Plan far ahead. Whether you’re using a professional moving company or hauling your valuables yourself, it’s a huge logistical operation that requires more time than you think. If you tend to leave things to the last minute, consider coming up with a strategic game plan in which you tackle small, manageable tasks every day. This way, as moving day approaches, you won't be left overwhelmed or frazzled by a mile-high to-do list. If you think you need some assistance, All Jersey Moving & Storage offers packing and unpacking services.

4.    Budget more than you think you’ll need. Professional movers are aware of all the costs involved and will provide you with a fair, accurate quote. "Do it yourselfers" need to take into account the cost of protective equipment for the place you’re leaving and your new surroundings, gas and rental fees for extra van trips and insurance. It’s also worth buying new sturdy boxes to transport your most precious possessions. The mortgage on your new property may be higher than where you're currently living - so it can be tempting to cut corners - but it will only hurt you in the long run.

5.    Be aware of rules and regulations. Condos and co-ops often require that you book a move up to a month in advance. They also frequently require that you use an elevator with protective coverings. Appliances also need to be disconnected in advance. Scout out loading zones and check when they’re available. The more information you have and can provide to your movers about the rules and regulations of your current building or future home, the smoother that moving day will go.

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