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5 Moving Checklist Essentials

Moving doesn’t just involve packing and wrapping furniture and valuables. It also requires tying up loose ends like change of address notifications, not to mention psychologically preparing to leave. Keeping a pen and brightly colored pad or sticky notes next to your bed and in every room allows you to jot down thoughts immediately for you’re to do list and can help alleviate stress. Using a professional company like All Jersey Moving & Storage to pack, transport and unpack your home or office will give you even greater peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the countless tasks and chores only you can do. You’ll also have time to say goodbye properly and avoid hurting the feelings of people you may have overlooked in your haste to pack your possessions.

Here are 5 tips gleaned from over 50 years of experience that All Jersey Moving & Storage is happy to share with you.


Get recommendations of GPs, specialists, clinics and hospitals from your future employers, people you may know in your new destination or your current doctors. If you're on medication, ensure that you have enough to last for several weeks and get your doctor or pharmacist to fax or email prescriptions to your new pharmacy. Request a hard copy of your medical files or arrange for electronic transmission.


Notify your children’s new schools of any special needs and remind them of the date they’re starting. Ask if teachers can email a photo and/or welcoming note ahead of time, or even Skype with your kids. Being a relaxed and positive role model will make their transition smoother. If you find you’ve underestimated how long it will take to pack up and are becoming irritable with family members, consider calling All Jersey Moving & Storage to complete the task. They’ll make every effort to accommodate you, even at short notice. Moving is a major life change and you want your family’s memories to be pleasant ones.


Find out as much as you can about your destination in advance. Don’t just focus on major topics like climate or traffic, but read up on local restaurants and attractions too. Make time to visit your kids' and partner's favorite eating spots and beloved places before you leave and then show them some they can look forward to frequenting in their new destination. All Jersey Movers specializes in moves within a 500-mile radius on the East Coast. We provide a wealth of information about the area on our website.


Remember that an out-of-state move may involve a change of bank. Check which direct deposits and automatic deductions will change with your locality e.g. property taxes. Exercising is a good stress reliever, but be sure to cancel your health club membership in advance so you don’t end up paying for time you can’t use. Don’t forget to cancel or transfer newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Estimate the cost of your move well in advance. Ask for referrals for moving companies from people you trust or check with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. All Jersey Moving & Storage is recommended by both and is one of only about 15 movers in New Jersey to be awarded the “Circle of Excellence” designation by the New Jersey Warehousemen’s & Movers Association. Our service is first class and yet surprisingly affordable. 


Take photos of your valuables for insurance purposes and of room set ups if you want to duplicate them in your new residence or office. If you hold a farewell party, take pictures and videos of friends, colleagues and neighbors to preserve the memories.

The team here at All Jersey Moving & Storage wishes you a smooth move! 

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