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Congratulations, you’re moving to a new home or relocating to take advantage of a better business opportunity! Whether you're moving locally or are relocating to a new state, to make sure you're ready for moving day, you know you have to take care of the basics. These include purging your house or apartment of items you can't or don't wish to bring along; packing; and forwarding your mail to your new address.

With so much to do to ensure that your move runs smoothly, most people don't want to carry the endless many added responsibilities that come with a DIY move. That's why reliable and experienced professional moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage are so in demand.

When you find the right moving company, you can be sure that your valuables will reach your destination in the same condition they were in when they left your old home or apartment. Moving companies with expertly trained movers have the necessary tools on hand to ensure that your walls, ceilings, flooring, steps and - of course - your furniture, delicates and valuables are protected throughout every step of the moving process.

Here are 4 "Tools of the Trade" that a professional moving company won't be onsite without:

Dollies. A utility dolly, also known as a hand cart or hand truck, is a 2-wheeled piece of equipment with a ledge that is used to slide under boxes instead of lifting them. Some come with ropes to secure items or even stair climbers attached to the wheels. Several boxes can be stacked at a time but the load should not exceed 250 lbs. 4 wheel dollies are also a necessary item to make moving easier.

A furniture or appliance dolly, which has a large flat base with 4 wheels, is essential for moving heavy items like wall units and stoves. These dollies can handle loads of 700 lbs. to 1,000 lbs.

Padded moving blankets or furniture pads. One of the most certain ways to guarantee that your furniture and valuables reach their destination in the same condition is with proper protection gear. The expert movers at All Jersey Moving & Storage use cushioned packing materials liberally.

Each individual piece of furniture is blanket wrapped to protect it - and your walls - from dents and bruises that are likely to otherwise occur. High value items like flat panel televisions and pictures are blanket wrapped and placed in a rolling 300 lb. wooden box which is less costly for customers and just as safe as using lots of cardboard boxes and brown packing paper.

Rope and ratchet straps. Professional movers use these items for hoisting and securing items to avoid shifting and moving while in transit. Nylon webbing is used opposed to braided rope and twine as it is strong, durable and rarely breaks in transit. The optimal thickness is ¼ inch.

Ratchet straps are tie downs with a fastener and hooks on either end to secure the straps to the interior walls of a professional moving truck. Some feature special fittings called e-tracks which lock onto track fittings in the trailer.

Packing tape. This handy item isn't just useful for sealing boxes! It can also be used to bundle items and to secure the corners of a blanket or pad. Here's a tip if you're using packing tape to package your own items: Don’t forget to place it on a dispenser to avoid the annoyance of losing the edge or using your teeth to cut off pieces.

Some folks, determined to save on the cost of professional movers, insist on executing their own moves. But when you add up the cost of renting or buying this equipment as well as other items like sturdy cardboard boxes and floor runners, you may realise that a professional moving company is not that expensive after all, and well-worth the investment. This is especially true because DIY movers are inexperienced, more likely to cause damage to your home and valuables, and are not insured in the event of damage or injury.

In addition to full service moving from coast-to-coast, remember that All Jersey Movers & Storage can also help with a last minute moving or partial moves, piano moving, packing/unpacking and short and long term containerized storage.

Our movers use the proper equipment and draw on their years of experience to protect and transport valuable furniture and delicate items, eliminating the need for you to source these tools of the trade on your own or risk moving without them.

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