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10 Tips for Packing Like a Pro

When you're undertaking a move, the most stress-free option is to hire a professional moving company.  With so many other questions in the air – Will you like your new house? Will the children settle easily in school? Will your office be ready to work in on Monday? – it's comforting to know that your possessions will arrive on time and intact at your new destination.  If your budget won't cover the whole move, an experienced company like All Jersey Moving & Storage can assist you at any stage. We pack like pros because we are pros!

We'd like to share some insider packing tips gleaned from our decades of experience.

1.     Empty junk drawers and any that contain loose items, liquids, papers, etc. Often during the moving process, certain pieces of furniture may need to be put on their side and any loose items can make a mess or get lost. In most cases, clothing and linens can remain inside the drawers.

2.     Remember to label boxes on the sides and not just the top so you don't end up with a stacked tower of identical looking containers. Numbering and color coding for specific rooms or areas will also eliminate guesswork.

3.     Ask about custom crating for valuables like chandeliers and glass topped items, and frame protectors for artwork or mirrors.  A reputable moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage is happy to inform you about these options, make suggestions and even pack them for you if you get nervous about your mounting to-do list. Some packaging suppliers will only deal with larger clients or wholesalers and not with the general public. We have access to the best materials and can deliver them to you well in advance of your move.

4.     Fill boxes to capacity so the tops don't buckle when stacked. Try to distribute the contents evenly as well so they don't warp or shift when they're being carried.

5.     If you've saved money in one area, consider splurging on items like hanging wardrobe boxes.  Seeing your designer suit clean, wrinkle-free and ready to wear can lift your spirits when you reach your new home.

6.     Use your camera to record how you like a room set up, what your artwork and electronics look like and even the configuration of complicated wiring. These visual cues will make setting up in your new home less time-intensive and frustrating.

7.     Put heavy or unwieldy items in suitcases with wheels. Remember not to put too many heavy items in each box if you're doing the move yourself. Think about the potential costs of putting your back out and being unable to unpack at your destination.  Using a professional moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage can be more affordable than you think.

8.     Using newspaper to wrap breakables may seem green but the black streaks on your white plates won't be pretty. If you're on a budget, rather insert thick foam plates between crockery pieces and reuse them for your first barbecue.

9.     Keep small but essential items like nails in a zipper top freezer bag and adhere the bag to the item it belongs to. Use colored tissue paper to protect small items and make them more easily visible.

10.   Have an essentials box that gets loaded last and is easily accessible at the other end. It should contain toilet paper, soap, paper towels and non-perishable snacks. A parts box is also a good idea to avoid the frustration of misplacing the parts to assemble your beds, tables, etc.

The All Jersey Moving & Storage team is always happy to share more moving tips. Always start by obtaining three quotes from reputable companies that are recommended by the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association.  All Jersey Moving & Storage fits the bill and can reduce your bill. We can take care of all the awkward items to pack, from pianos to fine porcelain.

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