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The Top Moving Company: Little Silver, NJ

Moving to or from Little Silver, NJ? Call All Jersey Moving & Storage. We’re the area’s favorite moving company. Since the 1950s, we’ve been helping families and businesses on moving day. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and love getting referrals from happy customers. We get a lot of repeat customers, too. They call us every time they need help with:

The All Jersey Moving & Storage Difference

What sets All Jersey Moving & Storage apart from other moving companies? Our commitment to customer service makes us shine above the rest. We pride ourselves in our honesty, reliability and professionalism at every phase of the moving process. This is what keeps customers coming back to us for all of their moving needs. Our peers in the industry have recognized our contributions, too. The New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association awarded us a place in their “Circle of Excellence” thanks to our:


  • Professional office staff. They organize every detail of your move with expertise. They’re friendly, too. Customers always appreciate that they are approachable and ready to answer questions when it comes to paperwork.

  • Well-trained moving crews. Our background-checked movers are all trained in the latest moving techniques. From your heaviest furniture to your more delicate items, you can trust them to move your belongings safely.

  • Clean moving trucks. We clean and equip all trucks before sending them out for moving jobs. All packing materials, dollies and moving blankets will be on hand so that everything arrives at its final destination in perfect condition.

  • Honest paperwork policies. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we believe that a well-informed customer is a happy customer. We’ll always give you accurate estimates before your move. Some moving companies give low estimates to secure your business and then pad your final bill with miscellaneous fees. You can trust our professional estimates.

Why Local Movers Know Best

Movers like All Jersey Moving & Storage have a wealth of local knowledge that will make your moving day go smoothly. Unlike national moving companies, we’ve lived and worked in Little Silver, NJ. We’ve moved businesses and families here for decades. Our crews have completed jobs in all the business and residential areas. They know the policies and procedures of building management companies for the apartments, condos and senior living centers. They also know the local parking and traffic patterns which can save you additional time and headaches.

Moving on Short Notice

If you need a mover on short notice in Little Silver, NJ, call All Jersey Moving & Storage. We send truck through town every day and will get you onto our schedule. For the quickest response, complete our instant moving quote form and call our office at 1-800-922-9109. If it’s after hours, leave a message and we’ll call back as soon as possible.

Secure Storage Facilities

Need storage? Whether you need your items stored short or long term, All Jersey Moving & Storage has you covered. Our units are clean, secure and climate-controlled. We also offer specialized packing for some items. Quilted padding is available for wooden furniture storage, for example. For business customers, we offer warehouse and distribution services.


If you’re relocating to Little Silver, NJ, get your free quote now!